Production from start to delivery



We have too many options for fabric choose.

As Alfalfa , we have over than 25+ collobration with the fabric producers. In this way, we can offer our customers a wide variety of fabric choices.


Pattern Shop

Gerber Machines and Practicality

With the technological products ( Gerber cutter , Gerber Paragon ), we save our modelers time and practicality.


Cutting Truck

Totally 80 meters of Cutting Track.


Embroidery, Beading, Sewing

Cooperation with Our Solution Partners

We attach importance to timely delivery by speeding up the production process with the embroidery, bead and workshops we work with.


Logistics and Delivery

Perfect Deadline

With the logistics companies we work with, we carry out sensitive studies on the delivery of products at the time our customers want.

Expert Staff at Every Stage of Our Production.

We are confident in meeting our customers with our expert and experienced team from the beginning of the production stage to the delivery of the products. We are determined to do our best so that you, our customers, feel the best Alfalfa quality.


Sector Leader by a Wide Range in Production Volume.

With our factory capable of producing 160,000 pieces per month, we guarantee flawless production and on-time delivery to all our business partners. Advancing to become a world-renowned brand in line with the ever-increasing demand, Alfalfa has acted with the aim of spreading the philosophy that all women can be stylish, regardless of their body structure.

Alfalfa, which produces for Turkey's most distinguished plus size brands, has presented modern styles that will increase your quality of life in domestic and foreign markets. Our brand, which started to export to Balkan, Arab, Asian and African countries in line with the demand from abroad, aims to bring its innovative design line to many different areas.