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We are confident in meeting our customers with our expert and experienced team from the beginning of the production stage to the delivery of the products. We are determined to do our best so that you, our customers, feel the best Alfalfa quality.

4 Service

Our products, which contribute to the export of Turkey, which is well known in the world in textile, draw attention with its designs that have been appreciated for years. Our company, which has produced very successful designs in evening dresses as well as innovative models that closely follow the fashion of the day, produces in line with the feelings and needs of people who prefer plus size women's clothing. All of our products, which prioritize quality in fashionable, comfortable and stylish designs, are carefully sewn and handcrafted in all details.

4 Service

Alfalfa, which produces for Turkey's most exclusive plus size brands, has presented modern styles that will increase your quality of life in the domestic market. Our brand, which started to export to Balkan, Arab, Asian and African countries in line with the demand from abroad, aims to bring its innovative design line to many different areas. Our most important vision has been to find plus size products that will make a difference all over the world, thanks to plus size brands that appeal to all ages.