In Confection and Apparel

Grow Your Volume with Perfect Production

Fast Production 

High Level Technology 

Meticulous R&D Studies 

Fast Production 

A meticulous work is carried out on timely delivery by giving importance to the deadline of the order in production.


High Level Technology 

 As Alfalfa, we aim to achieve high standards in all the products we undertake and support production with our high-tech machines.


Meticulous R&D Studies 

  We strive to reveal the most useful solutions in women's clothing with our R&D studies. We always prioritize quality.


A Brand in the Women's Clothing Sector with its Production Quality.

Production with Technological Equipment

Expert Design Team

Fast and Controlled Business Progress

Customer Satisfaction with Quality and Fast Delivery

As a brand that has made its quality felt in women's clothing for more than 40 years, Alfalfa produces solutions that meet the expectations of not only the end user but also the business partners. It produces solutions for useful clothes while highlighting material quality, production standards and all other details.

With Alfalfa, you can meet your expectations with product quality while bringing the standards to the best level. In addition to our Alfalfa brand, we provide the production of world-renowned companies in the production of ready-to-wear and apparel.


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Brand Collobration


Monthly Production Capacity